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LandWISE promotes sustainable production through leadership, support and research.  Since we began in a field in 1999, we’ve completed a range of projects helping to conserve our soils, use our water wisely and get environmental and economic benefits from new (and old) technology options.

For the last sixteen years we’ve worked with lead farmers, researchers and industry to understand and share knowledge of how Precision Agriculture can improve farm businesses.

Our fourteenth Annual AgriTech Conference (fifteen if you count our first “Autumn Seminar”) was held in May 2016. We have run numerous other workshops and field events, produced many helpful fact sheets, guidebooks and published the book “A Guide to Smart Farming” with a current distribution of over 6,500 copies across New Zealand and around the world.

A key focus is our MicroFarm, exploring cropping from a systems perspective. Our central question is how we can maximise production with the minimum footprint. The MicroFarm is sponsored by Ballance AgriNutrients and BASF Crop Protection and supported by many service providers, suppliers, contractors and farmers. We are very grateful!

We welcome membership from people or organisations interested in our activities and ambitions.


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