Past Events

Everyone is welcome at LandWISE events. Our aim is to have as many people participating as possible. Some examples of past events, especially our annual conferences, are listed below with links to more details.

LandWISE 2017: Are we ready for automation?

In 2017, 120 people got together for our 15th Annual Conference, focused on automated tools for data collection, decision making and doing actual tasks on the farm (and beyond). More here>

LandWISE 2016:The value of Smart farming

LandWISE 2015: The Farm of 2030

LandWISE 2014 – Annual Conference


LandWISE 2013 – Annual Conference

Part 1: 15-16 May “New Ideas” The traditional LandWISE Conference held at the Havelock North Community Centre.

Part 2: 17th May “Going into Irrigation” based in Tikokino on the Ruataniwha Plains was a joint effort with Irrigation New Zealand.

Details here>

Resilient Cropping Workshops

In conjunction with Horticulture NZ, Foundation for Arable Research and Tahuri Whenua we ran a series of in-field discussions about resilient cropping. These were funded by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Resilience is about ability to bounce back after adversity! So what can we do to make cropping systems better able to cope with things that hit us?

Things like:

  • intense rainfall events
  • drought
  • irrigation water shortage or take bans
  • new pest pressures
  • energy crises

Fieldwalk with Tim Chamen CTF Europe

Hosted by A.S. Wilcox at Seath’s, Pukekawa

We were fortunate to have Tim Chamen in the country on his way to the International Controlled Traffic Conference in Toowoomba. The focus of the day at Seath’s was the Controlled Traffic Farming that the Wilcox team has been running for four years. It is a clear example of initaitves to increase resilience in many ways. Having now completed a full crop rotation cycle (onions, potatoes, cereals, onions) they have a good grasp of the issues and have certainly got a good idea of the benefits. Does halving costs have appeal?

Previous walks
  • Thursday 21st February 2013,AS Wilcox, Seaths Block, Pukekawa
  • Thursday 13th December 2012, “Starborough”, Seddon, Marlborough
  • Monday 20 August, 2 – 4 PM Waitatapia Station, Bulls
  • Tuesday 21 August, 2 – 4 PM Watties Beetroot paddock (Rassmussans), Hastings
  • Wednesday 22 August, 2 – 4 PM Dakins Farm, Takapau (Ruataniwha Plains)
  • Thursday 23 August, 1 – 3.30PM Snowsill Rd South, Gisborne

Sensor Technology for Soil and Plant Monitoring

When: Wednesday, 1st August 2012, 9am to 5pm
Where: Centre for Land and Water, 21 Ruahapia Rd, Hastings
Download programme pdf here> 

Closed loop nitrogen cropping for biogas energy

Plant and Food Research are offering a workshop on this interest topic on Tuesday 19 June in Taupo at NZ Clean Energy Centre

Time: 11am – 3pm – No charge & lunch provided

The workshop will present the latest research findings, including crop trial results, for discussion by stakeholders of a new cropping system that can address a range of environmental land management issues at the same time that it produces bioenergy in the form of biogas for local use. One of the cornerstones of the concept is nutrient recycling, mostly eliminating the need for external fertiliser nutrient imports into the system. That is why we call it CLN, Closed-Loop Nitrogen Supply cropping. It can make bioenergy production truly sustainable.


10th LandWISE Conference

Over 160 people gathered over three days to be part of the 2012 Conference in Havelock North on 22 – 24 May 2012.

We received very positive feedback and extend our thanks to speakers, sponsors, trade supporters and the delegates that made our milestone event such a success.

Precision Viticulture Field Walks

Three field walks have been held under MAF SFF Project funding. Booklets produced for each day can be downloaded from the Project page.

LandWISE/FAR Field Walk Tuesday 23th August 1.30pm at Poukawa in Hawke’s Bay

Cover crops and soil care

Courtesy of Brownrigg Agriculture.

Brownrigg Agriculture are running trials to explore the potential for winter cover crops to improve site productivity and soil quality.  Ryegrass, mustard, oats and fallow treatments are being compared.  Early signs are encouraging for some options.

Discussion will focus on the benefits of cover cropping. 

How might these be retained through the production phase?

The site is in Pukekura Settlement Road, off Te Aute Trust Road (by the big aerials). We will meet in the paddock on the right, just past the Brownrigg packhouse and offices.

Thanks to FAR, Plant andFood Research, Horticulture NZ and SFF.

LandWISE Field Walk Tuesday 16th August 1.30pm at Clive in Hawke’s Bay

Cover crops and soil care

Courtesy of Brownrigg Agriculture.

Brownrigg Agriculture trials to explore the potential for winter cover crops to improve site productivity and soil quality.Ryegrass, mustard, oats and fallow treatments are being compared.Early signs are encouraging for some options.

Discussion on the benefits of cover cropping.How might these be retained through the production phase?

Field Discussion Series on technology and soils:

This series will look at options for using technology to improve soil health and water use and reduce costs.  Sites will be visited in Pukekohe, Gisborne, Hastings, Bulls, Levin, Kaiapoi and Ashburton.

Annual Autumn Conference (11th-12th May 2011) Havelock North, New Zealand

Precision Spending: putting your dollar where it counts

Sessions included:

  • Profit mapping – knowing where you make (or lose) your money
  • Capturing value/affording IT
  • Making technology work
  • Precision irrigation and Precision drainage
  • Soil and zones
  • For Conference Schedule Click here>
  • Special session: LandWISE Women Click here>

Thanks to the  Platinum and Gold Sponsors for the 2011 Conference

Thanks to AGMARDT for sponsoring travel costs for four of the international speakers this year: Professor David Lamb, Professor Steven Raine, Andrew Whitlock and Tim Neale.


LandWISE Women Wednesday 11 May 2011

In conjunction with this year’s LandWISE Conference, we are holding a special half day session for women to meet other women. One outcome could be that the group decides to continue meeting on a regular basis.


Know Your Farm – With Precision Agriculture, Havelock North, 12th & 13th May.

The LandWISE conference aims to be to the leading Precision Agriculture event in New Zealand each year.

You will get to meet other farmers, growers and industry people with an interest in Precision Agriculture.  And  hear world class speakers on these topics:

  • Precision Ag and the Big Wide World – MAF Director of Strategy Development – James Palmer, Professor David Lamb (UNE) and Dr Charles Merfield, will address the challenges and changes driving advances in Precision Ag. in NZ and worldwide.
  • Making Your Data Valuable – New ways farm data is enhancing farm profitability.  See how it is being collected and used to farm better.
  • Knowing and Growing Your Soil – Ways you can preserve and improve soil quality.
  • Managing Traffic in the Field – Updates on managing soil compaction, a technical session on tyre inflation and successful Controlled Traffic Farming in NZ.
  • Managing Variability – Demystifying crop sensors, agronomy tools and Variable Rate Technology to improve effectiveness with fertiliser and other inputs.
  • Precision Irrigation – How some NZ  farmers are managing water smarter to reduce the cost and environmental impacts of irrigation.

Members enjoy a discount, so if you are coming to the LandWISE conference, consider signing up, you will be in excellent company.

This year the LandWISE Conference will be followed by a one day Crop Sensor Workshop on 14th May 2010.  Places limited.

To receive a conference schedule, to register or to learn more about our activities, contact LandWISE for more information at