Value of Smart Farming Presentation Summaries

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Day 1 Wednesday 25 May

Session 1: Ideas from across the ditch
Smart Farming in Queensland – Julie O’Halloran (Queensland DAF)
Precision in Queensland Vegetables  – Ian Layden (Queensland DAF)
Precision Agriculture in Tasmania – Rob Tole (Greenvale pastures)
Variable Rate Technology – Queensland – Ben Moore (DJM Farming)
Smart Farming in Tasmania – John McPhee (UTAS)

Session 2: Smart farming in New Zealand
Investigating variability in potatoes – Sarah Sinton (Plant&Food)
Getting value from soil EM maps – Chris Smith (AgriOptics)
Measuring nutrient loss from cropping Paul Johnstone (Plant&Food)
Fertiliser Calibration with FertSpread – Dan Bloomer (LandWISE)

Session 3: Other Smarts
Smart Biology – Charles Merfield (Future Farming Centre)
Sprout: Accelerating new Technologies  – Stu Bradbury, Tom Rivett and Julian McCurdy


Session 4: Enhancing the profitability and value of onions
Onions NZ Research Project – Jane Adams (Onions NZ)
A profit and loss map – Justin Pishief (Centre for Land and Water)
Plant and crop modelling – Bruce Searle (Plant & Food)
Mapping soil and canopy development – Dan Bloomer (LandWISE)

Day 2 Thursday 26 May

Session 5: Value from Data
Horticultural value chains – Alistair Mowat
The value of hyperspectral data – Megan Cushnahan (NZCPA)
Turning big data into informed action – James Beech (BNZ)
Digital horticulture research strategy – Roger Williams (Plant&Food)

Session 6: The value of robots
Weeding robots: a global review  – Armin Werner (Lincoln AgriTech)
Digital Agriculture: challenges and risks – Tristan Perez (QUT)
Vision systems for onion crops – Kit Wong (Callaghan Innovation)
Value from UAVs in forestry – David Herries (Interpine)
UAV  regulations to know – Simon Morris (Altus UAS)

Session 7: In the Field
Yamaha RMAX helicopter, UAVs, Orchard robotics,
Sensors, Soil amendments

Associated Event

Friday 26 May Trans-Tasman Vegetable Growers

Discussions: key crops and technologies of interest
Field Trip – farms and processing