2017 Conference Programme

LandWISE 2017: Are we ready for automation?

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Follow links below to presentation summaries

Automated Harvesting – is the Juice worth the Squeeze? (Chris Roberts – Cambridge Consultants)
People and technology – adapting to change (Amanda Lynn – Innovation Partnership)
Preferred future; the challenges of putting the pieces together (John White/Matt Adkins – Zespri)
Getting to Grips with Yield Monitoring (Simon Wilcox – A S Wilcox)
Hyperspectral imagery mapping species distribution (Tommy Cushnahan – Massey University)
Counting buds and berries (James Beech & Tony Cooper – Precision AI)
Thermal and LiDAR imaging from UAVs (David Herries – Interpine)
Open government data (Jeff Cooke – Hawke’s Bay Regional Council)
Integrating public and private spatially-based data (Aaron McCallion – Waka Digital)
Enhancing the profitability and value of NZ Onions (Jane Adams – Onions NZ)
Management Action Zones for Onions (Bruce Searle – Plant & Food)
Technology to monitor & manage Onion crops (Dan Bloomer – LandWISE)
Surface Contouring to improve drainage (Dan Bloomer – LandWISE)
Refill Scheduling for Agricultural Robots and Other Vehicles (Rob Fitch – UTS/ACFR) [Skype]
Soil to sprinkler – automating irrigation management (Tony Davoren – HydroServices)
Variable Rate Fertiliser: the value proposition (Adrian Hunt – Plant and Food)
Robotics in Australia and Europe (Dan Bloomer – LandWISE)
Orchard robotics and apple picking (Bram SmithRobotics Plus)
Grapevine pruning robot (Scott Paulin – University of Canterbury)
A vision for robotic weeders of the future (Charles Merfield – Future Farming Centre)
Tree climbing robots in forestry (Richard Parker – Scion)
AGMARDT Presentation: Agricultural robotics in a French farming context (Thibaut Delcroix – Naio Technologies)
MicroFarm pH Mapping (Luke Posthuma – GrowMaps)