LandWISE 2012 – 10th Annual Conference

Site Specific Management: growing within limits

22 and 23 – 24th May 2012

We were proud to achieve a significant milestone in presenting our tenth LandWISE Annual Conference.  As always, we were pleased to have a range of extremely good presentations and presenters both local and international.

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LandWISE 2012 brought together researchers, industry and farmers with stories about new policies for farming within environmental limits, where things are going, and what we can do to prepare. We also heard about advances in soil moisture monitoring technologies and very smart drainage.

The conference title, Site Specific Management: growing within limits, reflected changes to how we think and act as primary producers. Growers must understand the variability that underlies their business and their production systems. How can we identify variability, and manage accordingly to maximise input efficiency and minimise potential environmental effects? So a focus on farming within limits, and then a day focused on soils and soil water with close look at some very smart drainage options.

The usual two-day cropping conference was preceded by a Focus on Smart Viticulture day. We were delighted to have Rob Bramley come from South Australia to lead discussions there. We also had solid support from Eastern Institute of Technology and their viticulture programme staff in particular.

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Tuesday Viticulture programme details (updated 16-05-12)

Wednesday Smart Management programme details (updated 16-05-12)

Thursday Smart Soil and Water programme details (updated 16-05-12)

“LandWISE was one of the best forums I’ve participated in. The sense of goodwill and teamwork was extraordinary” Professor David Lamb, University of New England, Australia

“The LandWISE conference has plenty of new and practical content. It sets our team upto innovate and improve our business through the year” Simon Wilcox, AS Wilcox Ltd

“Make sure everyone knows to be there – excellent quality and the precision agriculture social event of the calendar” John Ahearn, GPS Control Systems

This event has something for everyone with an interest in the smart things farmers and industry are doing. If you want to get started or to hone your skills in new technologies for sustainable cropping, this event is for you.

“The conference is the ideal place for farmers and advisors to get up to speed with new technologies. We strongly encourage you to bring a friend or neighbour to LandWISE 2012 – they’ll thank you for it!” LandWISE Chairman, Hugh Ritchie

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