What is LandWISE Incorporated?

LandWISE was formed in 1999 to co-ordinate on-farm research and development, primarily in the vegetable and arable cropping industries. In 2003, LandWISE became an incorporated society with charitable status. Our prime objective is to provide leadership and support for the development and promotion of sustainable  production. As part of that we have a strong agri-technology focus. Membership is open to anyone who shares our objectives.

Who is involved?

LandWISE has a management board primarily made up of farmers with representatives from regional government, science research, marketing and processing companies. We have over1,000 subscribers, covering New Zealand, Australia, Europe, North and South America, Africa and Japan.

About one third of our subscribers are farmers, another third farm are researchers and technology developers, with the remainder being advisors, company representatives, contractors or government.

Our full financial members select the Board, receive event discounts and actually enable the organisation to function.

What do we do?

LandWISE co-ordinates projects that address issues identified by members; seeking funding and undertaking or contracting the work as required. We place great importance on extension, organising field walks and grower seminars and producing fact sheets and miscellaneous publications.

We have presented fourteen Annual Conferences, typically attracting about 120 – 150 farmers, researchers and industry people to our two day or three day events.

We have a number of smaller Guides available on the website, and published “A Guide to Smart Farming” in 2012. Over 6,000 copies have now been delivered to farmers and their supporters.

How is LandWISE funded?

LandWISE is funded by subscriptions and project grants. We raise funds from members and from some of our activities, and also seek funding partners who share our objectives.


LandWISE Incorporated
Centre for Land and Water
21 Ruahapia Rd
RD10, Hastings
New Zealand 4180

Phone: +64 6 650 4532
E-Mail: info@landwise.org.nz
Web: www.landwise.org.nz

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