2017 Annual General Meeting

Notice to Members

The Annual General Meeting of LandWISE Inc. was be held during the 2017 Annual Conference “Are we ready for Automation?”

When: 2:30 PM on Wednesday 24 May 2017
Where:  Havelock North Conference Centre


Proposal to Revise the Constitution

Click here to review the proposed revised Constitution 2017

In 2016 the Board set about a review of itself and the Constitution.

  • The Board recommended to members that its numbers be cut to five of whom at least three should be practising farmers.
  • The Board recognised that our membership is wider than when we were established largely for cropping farmers, and the proposed changes expand the focus to all land based production and more clearly identifies the technology sectors that support it. 
  • The description and classes of membership have also been amended to reflect what is effectively happening. 

A number of Constitution changes are required to formally change the Board size and structure and Membership, and the opportunity was taken to tidy up some other minor aspects.  These were put as a block to the AGM which approved the changes.

Retiring Board Members

In light of the proposed changes to the Constitution, and specifically the recommendation that the Board reduce in size to five members, many of the current Board have signalled their intention to step down. Together they have made a very large contribution.

Those stepping down are:

  • Bruce Searle – Elected 2006
  • Brendan Powell – Elected 2011
  • Paul Munro – Elected 2012
  • Mark Redshaw – Co-opted 2014, Elected 2015
  • Stuart Dykes – Elected 2016
  • Andrew Dawson – Elected 2016

Board Elections

The remaining Board members are:


  • John Evans – farmer/grower (arable)

Board members

  • Simon Wilcox – farmer/grower (vegetables)
  • John van der Linden –  farmer/grower (viticulture)
  • Mark Burgess – researcher (University of Auckland)

One additional member was required and a nomination was been received

  • Oliver Knowles – nominated Mark Redshaw, seconded Matt Flowerday was duly elected

Ollie Knowles is Science Extension Specialist, Precision Agriculture at Ballance Agri-Nutrients based in Mount Maunganui. Ollie joined Ballance in 2010 and initially worked in the sales team before transferring to his current role in science extension. He completed his Bachelor of Agricultural Science Honours degree at Lincoln University, Canterbury.