Cropping Programme

We think of our “season” as starting in July being a Southern Hemisphere place.¬† So each season spans two calendar years.

Here we attempt to report relevant information about activities on a season by season basis. Links show relevant dates (planting, harvest etc.) and monitoring such as soil moisture and irrigation records.

In 2016-2017 we have two main field crops, onions and sweetcorn.

We have worked from a draft  cropping plan, based on vegetable crops where ever possible. Obviously this is open to change, as it is on any farm.

Our main crops have been vining peas, green beans and sweetcorn for processing at the Hastings McCain Foods factory. Typically peas get planted in September, with sweetcorn and green beans following as second crops through to autumn.

Sinnce 2014 and 2015 we have grown onions for fresh export with support from G & J Steenkamer. The 2015-16 and 2016-17 crops are part of our OnionsNZ Sustainable Farming Fund project.

To date all our winter cover crops have been reincorporated to provide more organic matter. The first winter included broadbeans, subsequent years included ryegrass, oats with vetch and Caliente mustard. Ryegrass has been grazed, taken for baleage and incorporated prior to next crops.

Yearly Cropping Programme
Paddock 1 2 3 4 5 6
Year Season
2013 Autumn Broadbeans Broadbeans Pasture Pasture Pasture Pasture
2013 Spring Late Peas Late Peas Early Peas Early Peas Late Peas Late Peas
2013 Summer Beans Beans Corn Corn Beans Beans
2014 Winter Onions Onions Fallow Fallow Oat/Mustard Oat/Mustard
2014 Spring Peas Peas Peas Peas
2014 Summer NavyBean NavyBean Corn Corn
2015 Autumn Mustard/Oats Mustard/Oats
2015 Winter Ryegrass Oats Oats Oats
2015 Spring Onions Onions Peas Peas Peas Peas
2015 Summer Corn Corn Corn Corn
2016 Autumn Mustard/Oats Mustard/Oats Ryegrass Ryegrass Ryegrass Ryegrass
2016 Spring Onions Onions Onions Grass Grass Grass
2016 Summer Corn Corn Corn
2017 Autumn