Spray Irrigation

LinearThe Drumpeel Farms’ donation of a T-L Linear irrigator has given the MicroFarm a high quality watering option. This is a major advance over our initial year when we used a small static gun.

The T-L machine in MicroFarm guise is a 38m single span, discharging about 4.3L/s – within our Irrigation Consent limit of 4.7L/s.

The Ritchies replaced the original linear at Drumpeel, and after Hugh made some necessary adjustments, arrived with a truck and trailer carrying a single span linear and a Manitou to put it up with.

On Day 1, the basic structure was erected and the power plant in place. The machine is now fully operative thanks to more community support. We used the main span pipes as a gantry only, mounting a 63mm MD pipe below as a manifold head pipe to twelve sprinklers.

WaterForce supplied six wheel rims, cut out the centres and replaced them to fit the T-L hubs. Inner tubes were supplied by True Earth Organics and casings by Drumpeel Farms.

WaterForce also provided a sprinkler package – six Nelson spinners and six Comet low pressure sprinklers. Their support with tapping saddles, drop tube and miscellaneous fittings is also appreciated.

The Centre for Land and Water supplied riser pipe and a water meter as well as the drag hose required. This is 2″ rather than the 6′ hose used on the original Drumpeel machine, but with one short span instead of nine long ones, that is all we need! The Centre also provided the above ground guidance cable and Drumpeel Farms the end strainers and cable winch.

Hugh Ritchie completed machine servicing and hydraulic bleeding prior to start up.

Thanks everyone!

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