The MicroFarm is a 4ha site 500m long and 80m wide. The six micropaddocks occupy a little over 3ha, with the rest taken by access driveways, buildings, parking and smaller paddock areas.


Each MicroPaddock is over 100m long and about 0.5ha in area.

See a computer simulation of the MicroFarm, created by AltusUAS.

Irrigation is from a bore, with a mainline running down the of the paddocks. Hydrants originally installed when the site was an apple orchard, allow easy access. The bore is artesian, but a small booster pump is used. Consented maximum take rate is 4.8 L/s, enough to meet the needs of the block.

Block 2 had buried drip irrigation supplied by ThinkWater and Netafim NZ.  This lasted for three years until too much soil movement from cultivation left many areas of drip line shallow, resulting in significant damage.  The other blocks are irrigated with a Linear move donated by the Ritchies at Drumpeel Farms.

A small plot block is irrigated by semi-permanent Hunter sprinklers from PGG Wrightson.