Offer a Service

The MicroFarm is dependent on the generosity of a range of sponsors. We are very grateful as we are a very small organisation and their support is key to the MicroFarm working.

Local contractors and service providers have taken care of our cultivation, planting, crop management and harvest needs.

Service Sponsors
Patrick Nicolle Contracting has done much of our strip-tillage and planting. Patrick has taken a lead in the discussion group and is keen to push best practice. He even modified his drill to apply Nodulator direct to the seed.
Haydn Greville Groundspraying kept our agrichemical applications up to date for the whole 2013-2014 season. We particularly appreciate Haydn's care on our very small block with neighbouring orchards and other sensitive areas
Te Mata Contractors has helped with deep-ripping cultivating corn harvesting and planting. We had a major long-term compaction issue and getting under it was difficult. Many shear bolts were harmed in the ripping of some areas. Thanks Stu Mawley
Mike Kettle Contracting has helped with hay making and baleage of pasture and peavine. They also drilled a number of our cover crops including Caliente mustard and an oat/vetch blend.
Tasman Harvester Contractors has harvested the vining peas and green bean crops. Huge machines but great care taken to minimise soil compaction by bringing a tracked harvester and keeping trucks off paddocks. Gary's interest starts pre-planting.
HydroServices monitors our crops' soil moisture status with neutron probe technology. Weekly monitoring and irrigation recommendations are provided to ensure we can manage our water resource sustainably. Updated reports published here>
fruitfed_125 FruitFed supplies takes responsibility for co-ordinating crop protection on the MicroFarm. Regular visits ensure monitoring is up to date. Recommendations are provided and agrichemical stocktakes ensure the right products are available when needed. Check the Calendar for details by crop and paddock