In our July 2012 newsletter we opened a discussion about smartphones.

It seems smartphones are driving another massive shift in farmer access to information and use of computing. Almost every farmer walks around with a computer in their pocket. Phones have computer power greater than full size office computers had only a few years ago.

  • How widespread is smartphone use?
  • What systems are preferred?
  • What applications do people find most useful?
  • Who uses smartphones to connect to their office?

We got instant feedback, and more than on any other topic we can recall.

We have asked more groups about smartphone use, and there remains a lot of interest. And a lot of variable response.

Discussions over recent weeks suggest uptake is probably somewhere between 4% and 96% depending on area and sector. The use of potential smartphone capability seems to have a similar spread.

We have continued to receive feedback and see smartphones as an area where some work is urgently needed. We’d be interested to hear from you.

  • Is coverage in your area good enough?
  • What’s your favourite app?
  • Is there a must have widget?

What will farmers be doing with pocket computers in five years time?

One thought on “Smartphones”

  1. My definition has changed for now, I call a smartphone’ an internet computing device that is so good at connecting me to the rest of the world that it is good enough for me to use INSTEAD of a computer. I do not care about technical specs per se, just that it is a preferred method to get something done. We have a pair of Nokia phones that have a (on paper) decent camera, contact app, can text, and even connect to the web etc. On paper, they would pass muster as having many features listed for a smartphone.’ But the implementation is SO bad, we basically use none of them. In contrast, a Palm Pre or iPhone really make surfing the web from a small pocket computer usable sometimes even preferred over pulling out a computer. I swear Google maps on my iPhone is easier to use than the same site connected by a computer because the latter does not have GPS info connected to it.

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