On-line resources

FertSpread Resources

On-line resources are found here, on You-Tube and on the FertSpread website.

Workshop Resources

Resources have been developed to help trainers explain the theory and demonstrate the practice of spreader application checking. These are available here:

  1. On-Farm Fertiliser Applicator Performance Assessment Guidelines
  2. On-Farm Fertiliser Applicator Performance Assessment Handout Booklet for Workshops
  3. Using FertSpread-NZ: Handout on using the website, calculator and reporting tool
  4. On-Farm Fertiliser Applicator Performance Assessment Workshop Presentation
  5. On-Farm Fertiliser Applicator Performance Assessment Field Recording Sheet


We made simple videos showing field work to collect data and the use of FertSpread and put them on You-Tube.

  1. Introduction to Spreader Testing
  2. Rate Calculation
  3. Pattern Testing in the Field
  4. Analysis and Reporting

FertSpread (www.fertspread.nz)

FertSpread is the on-line application rate and distribution calculator. You must be on-line to use it. We have used it in the field on mobile devices, but often enter data in the office.

An A4 Guidebook for using FertSpread can be downloaded here.

Other Resources

While researching fertiliser applicator calibration  we came upon a number of resources.  But as to practical guides for farmers: well there is much less than we expected. The links below are grouped into categories to help find what you might be seeking.

Garden Spreader Calibration

Calibrating Your Fertilizer Spreader
Penn State Center for Turfgrass Science
  1. Calibration guidelines for spreaders used on home lawns
    (US measurement units but concept applies to metric)
Farm Spreader Calibration
Newton Crouch
  1. How to pattern test your dry fertilizer spreader
  2. How to Determine Product Density
  3. Pan Placement for a Center Pass spread pattern test
  4. Pan Placement for a S Pass spread pattern test
  5. Pan Placement for Extended Range Swath
  6. How to Correct Your Spread Pattern
Factory Research Testing
  1. Testing in the Bogballe Test Hall

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