Precision Ag in Vegetables – November Field Walk in Levin

On Tuesday 24 November 2009 an Advanced Farming Systems and Holding It Together Project update was given by James Powrie- LandWISE and Paul Johnstone- Plant and Food Research. The update was held at Levin RSA following on from a HIT project team meeting.

In the afternoon this was followed by a field walk to Woodhaven Gardens where Antonia Glaria showed 15 visitors their trials in Controlled Traffic farming and Permanent beds for Fresh vegetables.

Early improvements in soil structure are encouraging as soil structure recovers with a reduction in wheel traffic and cultivation. Furrow diking was also observed and HIT project sediment traps were visited by the group with discussion on amelioration of the effects of soil loss in intensive vegetable cropping.

Furrow diking is having the effect of reducing ponding and enhancing infiltration at this farm.

Thanks to Plant and Food Research and Woodhaven Gardens.
For further information: Call James on 06 6504531 or 0272 757757, email or see for updates.

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