Precision Ag field day, courtesy of Craige and Ros Mackenzie, Methven

On 4 December FAR and LandWISE hosted a field walk at the farm of Craige and Ros Mackenzie in Methven. Jim Wilson spoke on Precision Ag and Crop sensors and the application of this technology in his native Scotland.

The session was a general exploration of what Craige has been doing with PA. A demonstration was given of the Weedseeker sensor. This involved a spray boom mounted on a quad and successful spraying of weeds laid out on the yard, after each sensor tripped its adjacent nozzle.

Craige then showed the group some crop sensor trial work he has done with the variable rate application of growth regulants and fungicides to good effect.

Craige has been sufficiently convinced in the value of crop sensors that he has established a Precision Ag equipment company called Agri Optics in partnership with his daughter Jemma. They will supply Weedseeker and Greenseeker products to NZ farmers.

Thanks to Agri Optics, Craige and Ros Mackenzie and FAR for hosting this event.
For further information: Call James on 06 6504531 or 0272 757757, email or see for updates.

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