Why Join LandWISE?

Global pressure on agricultural land, water, nutrients and energy are all intensifying, while increased demand for food follows population growth.  LandWISE sees advanced farming systems as a key to improving sustainability and profit in the face of these challenges.

You might decide to join LandWISE because:

  • When you join LandWISE you join an excellent group of farmers and growers who are bringing new technology into their businesses to be more successful into the future.
  • You want to learn ways to improve profitability, while reducing GHG emissions and improving soil and farm resilience in the face of climate change.  This happens with fewer cultivation passes and reduced tractor horsepower requirements which can result from GPS use in cropping.
  • LandWISE is supporting the integration of GPS and other tools into the mainstream.  The trend is for new users of GPS to keep adding GPS units into their tractor fleets, once they see the benefits.  Learn more and assess this gear for yourself.
  • You want to network with farmers who have selected themselves for LandWISE projects.  They are innovative contributors, who are happy to share their learning with others.
  • Strong membership aids in sourcing support for projects.  If you think LandWISE does good work, your support is appreciated for what it adds to the work LandWISE does.
  • You will get discounted attendance at the 2011 LandWISE conference.  Speakers will discuss how the new technologies can be used to enhance soils, refine water and nutrient management and reduce chemical, fuel and labour inputs.  It will be the event for NZ farmers wanting to learn about precision agriculture in 2011.  See www.landwise.org.nz

What are Advanced Farming Systems?

Advanced Farming Systems is a term that describes the integration of new technologies, often including GPS, into farming practises.  The benefits of a well designed Advanced Farming System include improved soil health, savings on fuel, water, steel, fertilizer and agrichemicals and reduced Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Introducing Advanced Farming Systems can reduce overall capital investment in farm equipment and variable costs and improve profitability in ground breaking ways.

As part of the Advanced Farming Systems project, LandWISE holds field days around New Zealand.

To learn more about advanced farming systems see www.landwise.org.nz Register there for LandWISE membership and conference attendance.

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