We have a range of publications – some available here, others in hard copy.

Popular articles

Our regular popular articles, published in Horticulture New Zealand’s “The Grower”magazine, are later published here as posts in our Discussion section.

Print publications

“A Guide to Smart Farming” (2011)
presents outcomes and learning from our work on precision farming technologies and on soil quality enhancement. It is the final output from the MPI Sustainable Farming Fund projects, Advanced Cropping Systems and Holding it Together. We have a few extra copies available – purchase via TradeMe – just do a search on guide smart farming to find it. More here>

“A Guide to Smart Farming” has now been sent to to over 6,500 arable and vegetable producers, rural contractors and various of their supporters in science and servicing. You can buy it on-line through TradeMe: search for guide smart farming and seleect the Buy Now option. Or email with Book Orders in the subject line.

The “On-Farm Trial Guide”
produced for LandWISE by Peter Stone and Maaike Bendall of Crop&Food Research. Produced as a set of eight booklets it sets out the critical steps to ensure time and effort (and money) invested trials on your farm result in results you can trust.

It is available for purchase via TradeMe. Or email with Book Orders in the subject line.

There are also a number of free download support calculators and recording sheets available here>


A number of other small publications can be down loaded from this site.

Strip Till Farming – A guide for farmers

Protocols for GPS Guidance

Permanent Beds for Vegetables – Farmer Guidelines

Controlled Traffic Farming

LandWISE YouTube

Previous LandWISE staffer, James Powrie (EcoEye) and Tim Neale ( got together to make video clips of some of the LandWISE Farmer Leaders.

Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) Potatoes and onions in New Zealand with A S Wilcox Part 1

Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) Potatoes and onions in New Zealand with A S Wilcox Part 2

Orthman strip-till set up and use in New Zealand with farmer Hugh Ritchie

For more instructional videos from see

LandWISE Radio

Here is a link to a podcast of a Radio NZ Country Life radio article on AS Wilcox and their Precision Ag Work.

LandWISE acknowledges FAR, Horticulture New Zealand, Sustainable Farming Fund, and our other project sponsors:  Snap Fresh Foods, Ballance Agrinutrients, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Gisborne District Council and Farmlands for their support of this work.




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