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Now our website offers “Feeds” you can get automatic updates when we post new items or newsletters on the website. A wee search engine checks our site each day for new material and emails you if it finds any.

Increasingly, this will be the main way we communicate with you, so please get registered as soon as you can. This will effectively replace our newsletter and email notices. We put the news on the LandWISE website and you automatically get it delivered.

Register for free LandWISE email updates

Registering gets you set up for automatic email notices when we put new material on the website. You don’t have to do anything but check your email.

You subscribe to feeds by filling in an on-line form.

You can un-subscribe on-line if you no longer want to receive notices.

How do you register?

Registering is easy, but takes a few steps. These are part of protecting you from spam, and make sure you are actually the person asking to receive email notices.

1. Look for Register for Free LandWISE updates on the LandWISE website (just left of the title of this page)


2. Enter your email address and click Subscribe

• A pop-up window from Feedburner will ask you to check your email address and enter some text to complete your subscription request


3. Check your email, enter the code you see, and click Complete Subscription Request

4. Feedburner will email you a link asking you to verify you want the notices.


 5. Click on the link and you’re away!

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