Onions Update Field Walks: Franklin and Canterbury

Franklin event

When: Tuesday 16th January 2018, 13:00 to 15:00
Where: A.S. Wilcox SFF trial site, Highway 22, Pukekawa

(1km past GAS Pukekawa, gate on right)

Canterbury event

When: Wednesday 17th January 2018, 10:30 to noon
Where: Lovett Family Farms, Mossgrove Block,
1212 Chertsey Kyle Road, Pendarves

If wet we will meet in shed on the property.

The field events will demonstrate the following:

Managing variation in onion crops

Dan Bloomer (LandWISE) and Bruce Searle (Plant and Food Research) will demonstrate the mapping of onion crops, the use of smartphone apps to capture canopy information and the SmartFarm website for data processing. You will be able to assess the crop variation in the fields and discuss what might be driving the  variation seen. We will also discuss the fertiliser management trials being conducted at LandWISE.

Practically managing soil N using quick tests

Plant and Food Research have been evaluating a quick test for soil nitrates which they will demonstrate at these field sessions. Measured nitrate concentrations can be compared with critical threshold limits that have been established for a number of crops to assess the crop requirements for nitrogen fertiliser.

Electric Weeding Demonstrations (Franklin only)

Kazel Cass, Hotgrass Ltd, will demonstrate a ROOTWAVE PROTM electro-thermal weeder, used for amenity weeding. Electro-thermal technology uses electricity to turn the water in plant tissues to steam. Electricity flows through the stem and the roots, killing the whole plant. Foliage dies back and, along with the dead plant roots, turns into organic matter. It works systemically and is very efficient compared to alternative technologies such as flame or steam weeding.

Come along and see for yourself!

Note: The Franklin field walk will be followed by a HotGrass electric weeding demonstration, see more here>

Our Onion Research is in conjunction with Plant and Food Research. It is funded by Onions NZ and the Sustainable Farming Fund.

Thanks to A S Wilcox, Murray Wymer, Dean Pye, the Le Poutre and Lovett families for hosting trials. Thanks to Seed and Field, Pukekohe Grower Supplies and PGG Wrightson for helping with monitoring.

This season our MicroFarm work is being aided by Apatu Farms who are helping with field operations and harvest and we are very grateful for their support. The MicroFarm is supported by the Centre for Land and Water, BASF Crop Protection and Ballance AgriNutrients.

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