Irrigation Systems

Our main irrigation is via a single span T-L linear move irrigator. This is able to spray irrigate all the main block paddocks as required. We remain extremely grateful to Drumpeel Farms who donated this machine in 2014. We are also grateful to WaterForce who donated wheels, droppers and nozzles and have helped maintain the machine.  More details here>

The linear replaced a small fixed gun we had used to irrigate pasture. On-site calibrations showed uniformity (up to about DULQ = 0.8) could be acceptable. However this system is not suited to crops so alternatives were sought. We still use this little gun on small areas if required.

From 2013 to 2016 we ran buried drip irrigation installed in Paddock 2 by ThinkWater Hawke’s Bay and Netafim NZ Block 2More details here>