Agricultural robotics in a French farming context

Thibaut Delcroix is a an agronomist and viticulturist convinced that robots will help to increase productivity while respecting the environment and making agriculture more human again. 

A key speaker at LandWISE 2017, he will discuss about Naio’s philosophy and their robotic options, in a French farming context.

Naïo Technologies is a French company that develops and markets robots for agriculture and viticulture. 

Naio Technologies’ goal is to offer practical and durable solutions to agricultural issues while reducing workload with autonomous tools for vegetable farmers and wine growers.

Naio Technologies TED vineyard robot

Thibaut says being at Naïo Technologies is both a human and technological adventure. The company spirit advocates social responsibility: they strive to durably help farmers while respecting their customers, employees and suppliers and the environment and society as a whole.

Thibaut has an Engineering Degree with Major in Agronomics. His thesis focused on Spatial extrapolation model of vine water status at a field scale. Then he joined Naio as a business developer and technical adviser for farmers. 

Thibaut will demonstrate Oz440 at the LandWISE Conference Field Sessions. He is looking forward to meeting New Zealand farmers, growers and viticulturists.

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