The MicroFarm is in the middle of the Heretaunga Plains, about 5 km from the Havelock North and Lawn Road climate stations.


Ruahapia Climate Station

A Plant & Food weather station at the Centre for Land and Water monitors rainfall, temperature, humidity and leaf wetness. With upgrades in 2014, it now also measures soil temperature, radiation, windspeed and direction.

Data from this station are accessed by HortPlus as part of the HortPlus MetWatch service for the horticultural industries.

HortPlus has made the data available on the MicroFarm website.
View site weather records here>

Support from Aquaflex allowed a soil moisture sensor to be added in summer 2013/14. It is buried 10 – 30 cm deep – the topsoil profile on-site. Our thanks to Streat Instruments for providing the sensor for the MicroFarm.