Onion Base Layers 2015-16

In Project Year 1, we collected base layer information in several ways. A number of examples are presented below.

Each image has our four key detailed Sampling Zones marked. Plant & Food monitoring and sampling was concentrated in these areas, and the results used to corroborate and calibrate the whole paddock data collected from the sensor suite.

Aerial/satellite imagery

Our site has a number of Google Earth aerial and satellite images taken from 2003 to recent weeks and months. We use the time slider to scan across images to better understand our site.

Google Earth provides a series of aerial images of our site, easily viewed using the time slider.

Examples of Google Earth imagery presented as pdfs are here:

Paddock Topography

Page Bloomer Associates surveyed the MicroFarm using Trimble RTK equipment from GPS Control Systems. The data were processed using OptiSurface Surface Flow modelling software to create a topographic map and surface ponding maps.

UAV Imagery

MicroFarm supporters AltusUAS collected aerial imagery taken from their Delta X-4 UAV.

Soil ElectroMagnetic Response

AgriOptics  surveyed our site with their Dual-EM sensor and prepared soil maps based on soil electromagnetic response.

For those interested, the raw data from the AgriOptics survey is available as a csv file: