LandWISE has prepared a number of tools to help farmers in their operations. They are free to download here.


FertSpread is an on-line resource  with recommended fertiliser application calibration procedures,a calculator and other resources suitable for farmers applying nutrients with their own equipment. This allows on-farm checks to ensure and demonstrate that their own or contracted application equipment is performing to expectations.

FertSpread includes an on-line calculator, guidelines and training materials that support industry good agricultural practice and schemes such as New Zealand GAP and Audited Self-Management programmes. More at

Crop Yield Estimator

YieldEst is designed to help growers assess yield and variation within crops, and to determine the potential value and benefits of remediation where yields are suppressed.

Growers and agronomists readily identify significant differences in growth or yield by simple observation.  They recognise areas of suppression, damage and loss within crops. YieldEst gives them a simple way to systematically and fairly measure and assess the value of related financial losses.

More and download here>

ANOVA Statistical Calculator

The ANOVA Statistical Calculator was developed to support the “LandWISE On-Farm Trial Guide”. It takes pairs of results from head-to-head trials and determines what difference there is, and whether you can be confident that any difference is significant. Results are given as a calculated number with an explanation in “Plain English”.

Other trial tools, including a calculator and recording sheets, can be downloaded here>

Cropping Impact Estimator

The Cropping Impact Estimator is an Excel Workbook that helps compare the fuel use and CO2 emissions from up to three different cropping management strategies. It includes calculations for fuel, labour, fertiliser, CO2 and dollars.

It is a good way to estimate the fuel, labour and cost savings you may achieve by changing cultivation practice, say from full tillage to no-till or some other minimum tillage system.

Download the Cropping Impact Estimator here>




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