ANOVA Tool for Statistical Significance

ANOVA Statistical Calculator

The ANOVA Statistical Calculator was developed by Peter Stone and Maaike Bendall at Crop and Food Research to support the “On-Farm Trial Guide”.  It takes pairs of results from head-to-head trials and determines what difference there is, and whether you can be confident that any difference is significant. Results are given as a calculated number with an explanation in “Plain English”.

Download the ANOVA Tool here>

The “On-Farm Trial Guide” sets out a 10 step plan to ensure trials done on farms by farmers are soundly based, well managed and assessed – if you are going to invest in trials, make sure you extract the value. It is presented as a series of booklets: a Reference Book and set of How to do a trial booklets covering plant population trials, fertiliser trials, fungicide trials etc.

You can order a hard copy of the On-Farm Trial Guide series through TradeME (search “onfarm trial guide”) Price $29.90 plus post

See more about the On-Farm Trial Guide and free downloadable tools and templates here>

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