Yield Estimator


Crop Yield Variability Estimator

YieldEst is designed to help growers assess yield and variation within crops, and to determine the potential value and benefits of remediation where yields are suppressed.

Growers and agronomists readily identify significant differences in growth or yield by simple observation.  They recognise areas of suppression, damage and loss within crops. YieldEst gives them a simple way to systematically and fairly measure and assess the value of related financial losses.

Download the YVC Setup file here> (9.0 MB file size)

Download A5 size printable Guidelines here> (2.5 MB file size)

The Yield Variability Calculator was developed in partnership with ASL Agricultural Software Limited. Development was assisted with funding from MPI Sustainable Farming Fund Project L11-150, Horticulture New Zealand and LandWISE members.


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